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Howerin Drums

Project type

Branding | Marketing | Creative | Logo Design | Strategic Thinking / Planning


June 2023


Houston, Texas

Howerin Drums is a transformative portfolio piece in 922 Design's oeuvre, distinguished by its comprehensive brand development and strategic marketing.

The project began with the design of an evocative logo, capturing the bespoke nature of the custom drum company and aligning with its innovative spirit. Further, the brand development phase solidified Howerin Drums' identity by positioning it as a pioneer in the niche of custom drums, enhancing its recognition and reach.

The strategic thinking and planning facet of the project involved an in-depth analysis of the market scenario, competitor landscape, and target demographic, used to inform our digital marketing efforts. The social media marketing strategy leveraged captivating visual content and engaging narratives, fostering a vibrant, interactive community of drum enthusiasts and potential customers. Content creation was pivotal, with insightful blogs and articles showcasing the craftsmanship, quality, and musical acumen of Howerin Drums.

This project encapsulated the complexity and dynamism of small business branding, enabling Howerin Drums to make a resounding impact in the custom drum marketplace.

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