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Moore Restorations

Project type

Branding | Marketing | Creative | Strategy


June - November 2021


Peyton, Colorado

Moore Restorations & Remodeling is a comprehensive project that goes beyond just physical renovations—it's about building a solid and recognizable brand identity. Services span from developing a robust brand strategy and identity, to the creation of a distinctive logo that mirrors the quality and precision of the work they deliver. The project includes the development of a compelling social media marketing strategy, and the use of email marketing to maintain a strong connection with clients and potential customers. We also focus on content creation, providing engaging and informative pieces that reflect the company's expertise and commitment to excellence. A significant part of this project is creating a creative strategy that defines and differentiates Moore Restorations & Remodeling in the market. Furthermore, the remit encompasses web design, ensuring a digital presence that is as professional and polished as the services they offer. Lastly, the project includes both digital and print graphic design to ensure the brand is consistently represented across all platforms and mediums. This project essentially encapsulates all the facets of small business branding, realizing a comprehensive and cohesive brand for Moore Restorations & Remodeling.

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