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Project type

Branding | Marketing | Creative | Strategy


Summer 2022


El Lago, Texas

Right Temp HVAC in El Lago, Texas presented a unique challenge and opportunity for 922 Design, considering its specific industry niche and regional market. The project commenced with the development of a robust, memorable, and professional logo that captured the essence of Right Temp HVAC's commitment to delivering optimal temperature solutions. Subsequently, the brand development phase aimed to position Right Temp HVAC as a prominent regional provider of heating, air conditioning, and ventilation solutions. A comprehensive understanding of the regional market, competitor landscape, and target customer base formed the core of this phase. The marketing strategy employed both digital and traditional approaches, with a focus on localized tactics to engage the El Lago community. Digital efforts encompassed search engine optimization, targeted social media campaigns, and an informative, user-friendly website. Traditional methods, including community events and print media, were also utilized to reach a wider audience. Content creation involved providing value-driven, engaging, and informative resources on HVAC systems, maintenance, and energy efficiency. This comprehensive approach to branding and marketing established Right Temp HVAC as a dependable and top-of-mind choice for HVAC solutions in El Lago, Texas, showcasing the versatility and effectiveness of 922 Design's branding strategies.

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