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Moore Restorations

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Moore Restorations & Remodeling is a construction company in Colorado that previously operated under the business name of GM Homes, until they decided to give the company a [re]brand from 922 Designs - beginning with the name of the company, brand colors, logos, and digital identity.

After completing an extensive and detailed brand audit and discovery session, beginning with market research, strategy and development, branding, mareting, creative and design services. Once the brand strategy and positioning was finished, we developed a brand and logo guidelines book that broke down each element of the brand identity as well as the correct and incorrect uses.

Our digital development and online presence was also addressed by developing an official Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, website, landing pages, and email marketing campaigns as well as marketing, branding assets, and social media psots and engaging content - created for a specific goal and is trackable to measure the overall success of each campaign and elements within each campaign.

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