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Diego had approached me prior to the COVID19, wanting a new logo design. He was unable to find current logo design file and needed more business cards and was also wanting to maybe have a magnetic sign made to advertise his company and identify company vehicles. He directed me to his website for information, services and a company history. After spending some time on his company website and a little market research regarding his industry, competition, and target client, I saw a great opportunity to help out local businessman showcase his abilities and skills, while increasing traffic and helping him be noticed by and attract perfect customers. One of the biggest hurdles people were having to overcome when looking into Kyrios+Co was the sheer number of services offered. He was actually too good for his own good. When listing the services offered, it becomes too overwhelming for potential customers to comprehend and resulted in potential client's continuing their search instead of moving forward with Diego, a more talented and experienced contractor. We approached Diego with a total (re)Brand idea beginning with the company name, KYRIOSCO, adding a + between KYRIOS and CO, helping the general public read the company title as intended. We also scratched the title Handy Man, which can be translated in a wide variety of ways, depending on the reader, opting instead for "Home Services". Additionally, we created different departments for Kyrios Painting, Kyrios Construction, Kyrios Roofing, and Kyrios Repairs. By repeating certain design elements such as color, font, and shapes, it develops an overall brand presented in a way that is easily understood by the average home owner.

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